Who Are We?


The Good Life Store was founded in 2012 by Jeremy, a former smoker and self-proclaimed disrupter and misfit in the fight for the right for adults to have choice with life-saving vapor products. What began as Good Life Vapor, a small company that created unique e-liquid flavors, quickly grew to include a 6,000 square foot retail store and a 16,000 square foot lab for producing high-quality e-liquid in South Georgia. Over the next eight years, Good Life Vapor opened three additional retail stores, shipped over two million bottles of premium e-liquid to all 50 states and 26 countries worldwide.

However, the pandemic of 2020 hit Good Life Vapor hard, leading to the closure of three locations and a temporary closure of the lab. By 2021, the company had gone from three fully staffed stores and a lab with 20 employees to just one retail store with seven employees. In response, Jeremy and his team began seeking out alternative products to fill the void left by increasingly strict government regulations on vapor products. They formed partnerships with out-of-state labs to produce their award-winning e-liquids and rebranded as The Good Life Store, a legal dispensary and alternative wellness superstore.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm and Agricultural Bill, hemp was legalized and the industry began experimenting with the plant. Labs across the country discovered that hemp contained not just CBD, but also other minor cannabinoids that could be used to help people with pain, sleep, and other issues traditionally treated with marijuana. The Good Life Store, which opened in early 2022, now offers a wide range of alternative products, including smoking cessation accessories, coffee replacements, non-pharmaceutical pain management products, and minor cannabinoids. The store's staff are highly knowledgeable and are seen as both experts and family by the community.

Jeremy is committed to his staff, customers, and the craft of his work. He takes pride in everything he does and is dedicated to harm reduction, including locally running a safe needle program and helping cancer patients during treatment. To learn more about The Good Life Store and its mission, please visit GetGoodLife.com.