Choosing The Right Strain

Choosing The Right Strain

Posted by Delta Extrax on 1st Dec 2023

Delta 8 THC strains play a vital role in the type of experience you have. Some products promote concentration and energy, while others promote relaxation and peace. In this blog, we’ll help you decide on the right Delta 8 THC strain based on your preference.

There are some very noticeable differences between Indica and Sativa. Although researchers have found a distinction between the two species, often, it is marijuana that is more Sativa, while Hemp is more Indica.

Don’t rely on the hearsay of others or even one study from a pile of more than one hundred that have been conducted on the Hemp plant. For decades, people believe that these are the key differences between Sativa and Indica:

Sativa Delta 8 THC Strains

When it comes to appearance, a Sativa plant is taller and slimmer, and the leaves are longer and much thinner. When using a Sativa strain, you will experience more of a head high, providing an uplifting and euphoric feeling that boosts your creative juices.

Another factor that gives Sativa its notable characteristics is the low levels of CBD. Products like Hemp Flower naturally produce CBD, and Sativa strains tend to produce low levels of CBD. This is because CBD has the opposite effects of CBD. In other words, CBD is meant to slow you down, while Sativa promotes more uplifting characteristics.

Indica Delta 8 THC Strains

When it comes to appearance, an Indica plant is shorter and bushier, while the leaves are shorter and wider. When using an Indica strain, you can expect more of a body high, which can help stimulate your appetite and promote relaxation. It is used for its sedative-like characteristics by working to promote sleep. Indica is best used during nighttime.

While Sativa doesn’t tend to focus on CBD, Indica strains typically do. This is because Indica is usually associated with relaxation, so CBD fits right into this equation. One common misconception is that Indica will put you right to sleep. While this may be true for some people, it’s not true for everyone. Therefore, individual experiences will vary depending on your overall tolerance.

Hybrid Delta 8 THC Strains

In short, Hybrids are two strains crossed together to create a whole new strain, which tends to provide the best traits from each strain. This often happens when a breeder is trying to develop a strain. Many hybrid strains are used today, and you’ll find one is more dominant.

A common misconception is that if you’re using an Indica, you’re only consuming Indica. What is not known to many people is that Indica can have some Sativa, and Sativa can have some Indica. So, what determines a strain is how much Indica or Sativa is in it. This is known as a dominant strain; usually, a true Indica will be 90% – 80%, and Hybrids are usually either 50% – 60%, but percentages can vary.

The Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect is the idea that active cannabis compounds can increase or enhance activity when combined with inactive compounds. The two compounds come together synergistically in the Endocannabinoid System to increase the effects rather than strictly relying on an isolated compound.

In other words, the cannabinoids in a full spectrum hemp product (contains all cannabinoids without extraction and isolation) work together, delivering a greater effect, rather than consuming larger quantities of an isolated product to achieve the same results.

How the Enoutrage Effect Works

What makes the entourage effect great is how it can react with other chemicals like coffee or alcohol. It’s about how the active cannabinoids in Hemp (Delta 8 THC) react with other cannabinoids. Research has shown that when you take low amounts of caffeine, you likely won’t need that much THC.

However, when you take high amounts of caffeine, your body can crave higher amounts of THC. Also, if you take too much THC, you can balance it by taking CBD – a different Cannabinoid.

Hemp-Derived Terpenes

The Terpenes are what give each Delta 8 THC product its unique flavor. They not only work to enhance the product’s flavor but also the experience.

Sweet Tooth Hybrid Strain

For example, Sweet Tooth is a cross between the Hawaiian strain (Sativa) and the Nepalese strain (Indica). However, it’s more Sativa Dominant but infused with specific Terpenes that give it that sweet taste. So, you’re getting all the properties from the Sweet Tooth Terpenes and the uplifting properties from the Sativa.

Choosing The Right Delta 8 THC Strain

Now that you know a little more about the difference in strains and the Entourage Effect – let’s talk about choosing the right Delta 8 THC strain. First and foremost, what are the desired effects you hope to obtain from Delta 8 THC?

Are you looking for something to help start your day or to end your day with? Do you want an intense head high or something that won’t leave you feeling too high?

Daytime Strains

Indica and Hybrid strains are often referred to as daytime strains. This is due to their energetic appeal; also, people who take these strains are typically worried about feeling sleepy. We usually include Terpenes that are known to enhance the strain’s properties.

Nighttime Strains

Finally, Indica is the preferred strain for those finishing their day. We ensure to include more mellow Terpenes in products that use this strain. Although everyone reacts differently to certain cannabinoids, Indica strains are typically associated with relaxation.

Delta 8 THC Products

When choosing the right Delta 8 THC strain, you must consider what Delta 8 THC products you want to use. Some products tend to get you high much faster than others but might be less potent.

Another thing to consider is the flavors associated with certain strains – you might choose an Indica over a Sativa because you prefer a certain flavor. Although you might be a fan of a Sativa strain, you might enjoy the flavor a lot better of an Indica product.

Delta 8 Products That Kick In Fast

One important factor is how fast your Delta 8 product will kick in. Your body will absorb anything you vape or smoke in minutes. However, anything you Delta 8 Edibles that you ingest will take longer to kick.

The biggest benefit of a delayed reaction is that your body tends to absorb more of it. Your body can absorb anywhere between 40% – 60% of the THC when ingested. On the contrary, you’re absorbing anywhere between 15% – 30% of the THC when vaped or smoked.

Although this is not true across the board, many things can factor into how much THC your body absorbs.

The Potency of Delta 8

Another important factor to consider is how potent the product is. Yes, it can be an Indica strain, but if you take too much, you’ll probably have a bad experience. Also, this is not limited to one singular strain – the same can be said about Sativa and Hybrid strains.

It’s not that one strain is better than the other; it comes down to preference. You may enjoy high-beat Sativa strains, so opt for something more potent. The three things to look for are how fast your body absorbs THC, the potency of the blend, and the type of strain.

A Breakdown of the Differences Between Indica Vs. Sativa

Here is a simple breakdown of the differences between Indica and Sativa. Also, consider the pros and cons of both strains before deciding the best strain for you.


There’s a time and a place for each of these strains. You might not want to feel so chill early in the morning, so you might go with a Sativa. However, once you’re home at night, you might go with an Indica. Whatever strain you choose, remember that potency and type of product play a huge role in your experience.